Hello! New to the industry or thinking about starting your own clothing line but don’t know where to start? You are in the right place!

Who are we?
We are a group of brands designed with decoration and rebranding in mind, perfectly suited to a wide range of end uses such as teams and clubs, workwear, retail and promotional. Meet the brands below:

Where to Start?
We are a trade only company and sell through a wide range of carefully selected distributors  which means you can’t buy directly from us, but setting up an account with one of our distributors is just as straight forward! Using the below link, you can review our distributors and select the best suited to your needs and location. Contact your choice of distributor where they will guide you through the registration process step by step and you’re good to go!

Next Step- Selecting Your Products

Depending on your own brand you will be looking at a different selection of products, you may find suitable options in more than one of our brands. We have a range of marketing materials digitally and printed to help you see our ranges.
Each of our brands have their own unique selling points and dedicated colour continuity and quality checks  so that you will always receive the same product every time you order.
Make sure to select products suitable for your design requirements, for example if you are looking to sublimate you will need garments with a high polyester composition. Some distributors have print teams who will be able to give you further printing tips to help you along the way.
Need a little help selecting? We have a brand representative who would be more than happy to come and visit you with our products to help you make a decision. During the current restricted guidelines, we are carrying out video calls until we can safely see you again.

Make Them Your Own- How To Re-brand

We recognise that some of our customers want to re-brand our products as their own, so we have made this as easy as possible. Look out for terms across our brands such as ‘Tag Free’, ‘Tear-Out Label’ and ‘Cut-Out Label’. They are all designed for you to be able to remove our branding and add your own. For registration purposes, our care labels will always have our business address on them in small print including the helpful wash care instructions and multi-language fabric composition.


All of our videos and images are available on our cloud, both lifestyle and torsos, you can dowload these and digitally add your designs to the garments for your own marketing.

Need a little more help?

We have a great team at Henbury Brands, our brand managers, marketing team and brand representative are always happy to help with any questions. We also regularly attend trade shows, big and small, which are a great way to meet us and see our ranges up close.

Good luck building your brand and enjoy selecting your favorite products 🙂